Product Description

Normac XL1000 plastic cement is a two component, room temperature curing, urethane dissolved in a special blend of solvents.  Addition of the proportioned Normac XL500 Hardener (cross-linking agent) accelerates cure and improved adhesive strength.

Mix Ratio: XL1000
XL500 Hardener
100 8


Package Sizes
Packaged/Sold by Weight

Kit XL1000 XL500 Hardener  
750g 1 Litre can (Quart can) 40g x 1  
3.0kg 4 Litre can (1 us. gallon can) 80g x 1  
15.0kg 20 Litre pail (5 us. gallon pail) 80g x 5  


Clear, translucent, honey-like liquid.  


Specific Gravity
0.8650 6900 cps


Chemical Resistance
pH 3 to pH 11 is considered a range of use for Normac XL1000.  For chemical resistance at lower or higher pH levels it is advisable to evaluate test samples.  


Oil Resistance
Operating Temperature
Excellent -45oC to 93oC (-50oF to 200oF)


Application Life
Shelf Life
4 - 6 hours @ 21oC (70oF) >12 months in unopened containers


Store in a cool, dry area , away from open flame, sparks and direct sunlight.  Store as a flammable liquid in accordance with local rules and regulations.  


Normac XL1000 is a flammable product in shipping, storage and application.  Flash point = -2oC (28oF).  Use away from sources of heat, sparks and flame such as welding and burning.

Safety, Handling & Toxicity
See Normac XL1000 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for specific information.


For best adhesion, roughen up the substrate with stiff bristled, rotating wire brush on an electric drill of 1400 RPM or less or slow speed disc sander with an aluminum oxide sanding disc of 36 grit or higher.  In some cases Normac XL1000 will bond successfully without surface preparation which can only be determined through test trials.

Thoroughly mix the appropriate amount of Normac XL500 Hardener to the cement.  This mixture will give the applicator 4-6 hours pot life before cross-linking is completed.  Apply a brush coat on each surface to be bonded and let dry until tacky.  Adhere both surfaces and stitch down or apply pressure.  The maximum bond strength will develop to its optimum in 2-3 days, however, initial bond strengths will be sufficiently high after 3-4 hours for light service.  Should the surfaces of contact become dry, the cement may become reactivated and full strength bonds can be obtained by applying heat (60-70oC) to previous adhered substrates.  This will of course depend on their respective thickness.  Trials if possible, are recommended before production to determine the suitability of this compound with individual materials and to determine the preferred method of application.


2m2  per kg. (9.78 ft.2  per lb.) theoretical yield. Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Acetone, Toluol.



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